I am ready to be a playful empath

Congratulations on Deciding to 

Become a Playful Empath

I am really happy that you will be joining us!

The world needs more playful empaths!

1. Please join our Facebook Group

2. Schedule: 

10 AM to 11 AM each day, PDT (Los Angeles)/ 1-2 New York/ 6-7 London
Friday July 23, Sat July 24, Sun July 25, Mon July 26, Tue July 27. 

Each session recording will be available for 48 hours only.

3. Please whitelist emails from art@EnergeticNLP.com Spam folders are out of control and nab a lot of legitimate emails.

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What happens in an Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ session?

You set your intentions

You relax and put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge

The energy does all the work

People often describe Art Giser’s sessions as “going to an energy spa”.

“I don’t have to work! I just set my intention, put my inner wisdom and spirit in charge, relax, and use the miraculous energies that Art brings in to wonderfully enhance my life”.

There will be actionable content, powerful ideas and concepts, and practical advice.

Still, the heart of this program are Energetic NLP Energy Spas™

In this program you will go way beyond the limitations of thinking and logic. You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies.

Art will bring in energies that will clear, heal, and replace energetic and
unconscious programming and limiting beliefs. 

And then they are automatically replaced by inner wisdom and information from your spirit. 

Your life will seem to magically improve.

You won't have to effort, think hard, be serious, and analyze yourself experience.

Your miraculous abilities will blossom more quickly when we are having fun, letting it flow, and unleashing the abilities that are already inside every human being.

If you have already participated in sessions with Art Giser,
you already know how powerful and enjoyable the energy will be!

What is Energetic NLP?

real transformations...

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and let your inner wisdom automatically replace them with empowering beliefs
Beliefs like "I have to take care of everybody" 
 Release ancestral programming, punishment and martyrdom energies. Most people have societal and ancestral programming that creates self punishment.
 Clear energetic and spiritual programming
 that causes you to hold onto other people's emotions and energy.


Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP and your guide to becoming a happy empath

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