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Surviving to Thriving to

Being A Playful Empath

In 5 Days Masterclass

Laura · 
"I have been recommending this course to quite a lot of people. I think it is the best course I have attended in a while! Last night’s session was superb. I think you really hit so many nails right bang on the head and helped us to clear that old programming rubbish so elegantly. Thank you so much for giving this wonderful gift, Art Giser. 

This is for empaths and 
sensitive people.

Empaths are people that are open energetically and absorb energy from other people.

It can be a wonderful, wonderful skill --- if you are taught how to do it safely!

Empaths absorb energy from other people, so they feel emotions that aren't really theirs, and they have thoughts that aren't really theirs.

It affects your vitality, health, well being, mental health, and emotional health.

You may have already learned some tools and concepts that help you with the struggles of being an empath. 

You may have learned ways to try to protect yourself. And they may have helped.
But it isn't enough.

It’s not your fault; you have reached the limit of what those tools can do for you.

"Incredible, that's the only word I have for session 1, just watched it now.🙏 Thank you 


But if you don't know advanced concepts, processes and techniques that allow you to keep your own boundaries thoughts and emotions well being able to read other people’s energy it's a huge problem that causes a lot of distress, confusion, tiredness, and physical symptoms.

To be a playful empath:

  • Learn advanced concepts, processes and techniques
  • ​How to have soverignty over your energy field 
  • How to keep boundaries without creating walls
  • Separate your authentic thoughts and emotions from what you have absorbed from other people
  • ​How to heal the subconscious and energetic programing that cause you to hold onto other people's energy
  • How to superground

What happens in an Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ session?

You set your intentions

You relax and put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge

The energy does all the work


$300 Free

real transformations...

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and let your inner wisdom automatically replace them with empowering beliefs
Beliefs like "I have to take care of everybody" 
 Release ancestral programming, punishment and martyrdom energies
 Clear energetic and spiritual programming that causes you to hold onto other people's emotions and energy.


“Art is a master in the art of the possible. And what’s possible will exceed your wildest expectations. So don’t delay, sign up now.”
Elaine Hopkins – London 

“I have done many workshops with other healers/self-improvement instructors and what makes Art shine above them all is his integrity and authenticity. The workshops are small and intimate with lots of practical hands-on exercises and tools that you can take into your everyday life.  Art is committed to helping transform your life and is generous about letting you share his knowledge with others” Rona Magnay - London 

“Every now and then there is a star that burns brightly heralding a new paradigm – Energetic NLP is an elegant synergy and development of our spiritual potential within our everyday reality delivered with a clarity, total empathy, and professionalism that ensures that all participants are held in a generative, productive and most of all, a life-changing space.” John Fielder – Accredited Interactive Coach, Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner NLP 

“Dear Art, Great thanks for the wonderful ENLP levels 123 which I did with you last year. Your ENLP courses are really transformational personally & in my work. I'll be repeating this year as I loved the experience & the results!” Nabeeh Marar – Hypnotherapist and Homeopathy Practitioner


10 AM to 11 AM each day, PDT (Los Angeles)/ 1-2 PM New York/ 6 -7 PM/ London/ 8-9 PM Paris Monday-Friday, August 30- Sept 3

You can still participate ! The  first session recordings are available now, at your convenience. 

Approximately 75 minute sessions
The sessions are recorded, so you can participate event if you can't make the live session.

 Some days there will be an optional Q&A session from afterwards on days  4 and 5

Each session recording will be available for 72 hours only!!!! 

Otherwise many people will just go, "I'll watch it later." and wait 2 years or never watch it. You are all busy, get distracted, and then and just accept the problems and you never become a playful empath.

So this is for you if you are ready to take action now to become a happy empath.

It is my gift to you (no cost) 


$300 Free

Felt powerful clearing happen as we where going through the process, ... amazing stuff. Thank you so much for this opportunity 


Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP and your guide to becoming a happy and playful empath

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